New Images - Robin Taylor Photography

A selection of my most recent photographs. Click the image to view a larger size.

  • Northern Spire Illuminated

    Sunderland`s Northern Spire Bridge lit up at night

  • High Force

    High Force.... Seaburn prom buffeted by some big waves last night. Some people risked getting closer than others for 'the' shot!

  • The Wherry

    A long exposure from The Wherry, near Whitburn, South Tyneside

  • Herrington Park

    The highest point of Herrington Park looking across to Penshaw Monument

  • Little Yachts

    The finish of a small yacht race on Little Haven Beach, South Shields

  • Maelstrom

    a rock off Trow Point, South Shields, battered by the relentless tide

  • Framwellgate Bridge

    The view of Framwellgate Bridge looking across the Wear up to the castle in the heart of Durham City

  • Penshaw Monument

    Just before sunset on penshaw Monument

  • Mirrored

    The Riverview Kitchen Cafe in Durham and a mirrored reflection

  • Monkwearmouth Bridges

    Sunderland`s twin road and rail bridges across the River Wear to Monkwearmouth

  • Moored Boats

    Rowing boats and The Prince Bishops cruiser on the River Wear in Durham

  • Little Haven Dunes

    A shot of Herd Groyne (with Tynemouth in the background) from the dunes off the beach