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Robin Taylor Photography

Hello. My name is Robin Taylor and I live with my wife, Dawn and our 2 boys and cat  (Charlie)  in Sunderland in North East England. 

Then :

I love taking  photographs , trying to capture a split second of light as a permanent memory in a way that makes me or someone else want to view  the image fascinates me and has for most of my life.

My earliest memory of my own `proper camera` was a little rectangular Vivitar 126 film camera that I think was given to me by my grandparents before going on a school trip when I was about 10 or 11. The prints were small and square and often terrible quality but I loved it and it probably started the bug off early.

My dad did have a SLR and even did his own developing at one time but I wasn`t allowed near his equipment sadly.

This changed when I met my wife, as she'd bought herself a Pentax ME Super 35mm film camera (which i often commandeered). Sadly this was stolen during a break in and we replaced it with another Pentax model in the mid 90`s and I started to get more and more ito photography. This was still before digital, autofocus and even motorized cameras (for me) but I did love it - even trying B&W developing at home for myself.

However the arrival of children gradually saw my film photography take a back seat and the camera gathering dust as digital compact cameras became more commonplace.

The improvement in cameraphone technology starting a rekindling in my interest and in 2015 I decided to buy my first digital DSLR. Having `grown up` with Pentax and still having a load of old lenses it seemed logical to stay with the brand and I purchased a Pentax KS1.

The changes in photography since film days were amazing and as someone totally against the advent of digital `back in the day` I can honestly say that personally I would never want to return to film cameras.

After 2 1/2 years with the KS1 I feel i've outgrown the camera a bit in some areas and am about to change to a Canon DSLR. The end of an era with Pentax (who still make some exceptional equipment in my area despite not being such a big name) and the start of a new adventure with Canon.

Now :

Living on the outskirts of a coastal city means that I am spoiled for choice; whether its urban views, seascapes or countryside shots, I can find amazing scenes to capture within minutes from home. 

Every time I use my camera I feel that I am learning and adding to my experiences , I hope this comes across in my work. 

My images have been featured  in local newspapers, and on ITV Tyne Tees Weather Views and for commercial websites.

All images on my site are available to order as prints in a wide range of sizes and finishes, canvas up to 40" X 30" or digital downloads. 

For any other requests, please use the contact page to get in touch or contact me either at robintaylorphotography@mail.com or telephone : 07462 992800.

Thanks for looking.