August 2017 - West Scotland - Robin Taylor Photography

My first update for my blog this month comes with a change of scenery.I am a fairly frequent visitor to Scotland but haven't been near the west coast properly since my honeymoon on Arran over 25 years ago.Argyll is not somewhere I can ever recall being to before but is another stunning part of the British Isles and we were fortunate to have rented a cottage with stunning views over Holy Loch to the town of Dunoon.The are was peaceful and beautiful and within a few miles of our base we had Benmore Botanical Gardens and a local hilly woodland known as Puck`s Glen.The gardens were beautiful and quite quiet when we visited but Puck`s Glen is a pure delight and an outdoor photographer`s dream.  Set alongside the Eas Mhor river the path follows the small stream up the hill for over a mile within a narrow, steep gorge. Although relatively small, the water twists and turns through woods, rock and moss over waterfall after waterfall. The white water contrasting with the verdant greens and peat tinged pools. We`d been recommended by a friend to make this a must-see and it didn`t disappoint, a place of amazing ethereal beauty and presence that I want to revisit many times.As a contrast Holy Loch was a big view, with long exposure times smoothing the water surface and adding to the tranquility.From here we moved inland towards Loch Lomond, somewhere else I'd never been to before and although a quick trip, we managed a tour  around the Southern half of the Loch by boat , and visited a Bird Of Prey Centre before heading home feeling refreshed and wanting more !Here is a selection of some of my shots form the trip.Thanks all.Robin


  • Puck`s Glen I

    Puck's Glen....Puck's Glen is a river-formed ravine on the Cowal peninsula in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. The Eas Mòr stream (Gaelic for "big waterfall") has carved out the ravine. We were advised to come here as a must see and what a magical place it is; a path within a moss covered gorge next to the stream and waterfalls and pools around every corner. One of the most beautiful and magical places I've ever seen.

  • Holy Loch Long Exposure

    A wooden jetty looking out across Holy Loch to Dunoon on the far bank at twilight. Argyll, Scotland.

  • Plunge Pool

    Another waterfall on the Puck`s Burn - at Puck`s Glen, Dunoon, Scotland

  • Vanishing Point

    Following Puck`s Burn, Argyll over its last waterfall before going under the bridge and entering Holy Loch.

  • Sea Plane

    A sea plane nearing take-off from Loch Lomond, Scotland

  • Verdant Hill

    A view of the trail through the lower part of the valley at Puck`s Glen, Dunoon, Scotland

  • Cascade

    A long exposure of a stream running across the rock in Puck`s Glen, Dunoon, Scotland