• Whitburn Beach Long-Exposure

    A 5 minute exposure of Whitburn Beach on a windy Christmas Day has blurred the clouds passing overhead.

  • St Peters Blue-Hour

    Another angle of St Peters Church at Monkwearmouth, Sunderland at twilght.

  • Christmas Evening

    Heading towards sunset on Christmas Day, looking over the fields towards Whitburn.

Christmas 2016 brought a mixture of weather. Storm Barbara was quickly followed by Conor. This brought extremely windy but unseasonably mild conditions, so being out and about wouldn't be cold but challenging to keep the camera still.St.Peters church in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland dates back to circa AD 674 and I've wanted to photograph it at night for a while but on Christmas Eve was able to get a few shots with the church lit up and the blue-hour of twilight above.Christmas day was even milder and the wind stronger. As the sun dropped towards the horizon I managed to take a few shots looking across the fields towards Whitburn, with the grass and trees glowing in the sun and shadows across the crops - before heading to Whitburn Beach. For this shot I used a neutral density filter on the lens, this doesn't affect the image as such but greatly extends the exposure time. So in this image, an exposure of 1/30th of a second became around 5 minutes ! This blurs the sea in the far distance but also gives the clouds the surreal effect in the shot.Once again, than you to everyone who has viewed my site and best wishes for a great 2017.ThanksRobin