The wet and windy side of winter has returned over the last few weeks, meaning getting out and about with my camera has been very limited. I did manage to take a few shots in between the showers; a few evening pictures as the light faded on the banks of the Wear near the University. A still evening showing off city reflections in the water in long exposures. The other shot is from upstream and is the ongoing development of the new Wear Crossing at sunset. Since the shot was taken a new 300 feet central pillar has been added changing the skyline forever. To me this shot is a real moment in time, as the view has now gone and can`t be repeated. Many years from now maybe this shot and others like it will be quite unique. I'm really looking forward to getting some pictures of the bridge now the frame is in place as it looks very impressive and will be a landmark when complete, maybe a few more dry days ahead will help ! Thanks Robin