January 2017 - Reflections - Robin Taylor Photography


  • Monkwearmouth Bridge Reflected

    A night shot of Monkwearmouth Bridge, Sunderland reflected in the pavemnent after rain.

  • River Wear Cityscape

    The Echo 24 Building and Monkwearmouth Bridges in Sunderland with the remnants of a bygone time on the River in the foreground.

A few photographs to mention today taken over the last week or so. A lovely twilight down on the riverside at Bonner`s Field (near the St.Peters University Campus) in Sunderland saw me capturing a few more images of the illuminated cityscape as night fell. In the first shot I included this old wooden jetty standing in the river; a decaying relic of another time on the Wear, contrasted with the landmark road bridge and contemoprary Echo 24 apartment building. The second shot is of the same bridge reflected in a puddle after heavy rain earlier in the day, turning the half-moon bridge into a circle. Finally I drove past the white house next to Whitburn pond as the light was falling and being so calm the house was perfectly mirrored in the tranquil water. A shot I've wanted to take but have never had quite the right conditions. Luckily I could jump out and get the photo this time. As ever, thanks for looking. Regards, Robin