January 2017 - Sunsets - Robin Taylor Photography

  • Seven Sisters Twilight

    A blue hour shot of the Seven Sisters trees at Copt Hill, near Houghton-le-Spring, on a cold January night.

  • Pallion Blue Hour

    Boats and architecture reflected at twilight, under the Queen Alexandra Bridge, Pallion, Sunderland

  • Penshaw Monument Sunset

    A deep orange sunset behind the silhouette of Penshaw Monument, near Sunderland.

January is perhaps not the month of the year that most people look forward to with great excitement but the short days do offer some benefits to a photographer in the UK. I'm not the best at getting up early at the best of times ! But at this time of the year the sun rises quite late and sets early, meaning sunrises and sunsets are able to be photographed at `respectable` hours, weather permitting.

I was able to get some good opportunities over the last week, living on the east coast means as a general rule sunrises give more options for a landscape shot but sunsets need a bit more looking around for the right place. I've wanted to visit and photograph the Seven Sisters at Copt Hill for a while, this is a stone-age burial mound on top of a hill near Houghton-le-Spring; the Seven Sisters referring to the trees on the crest of which only six remain now.

I got to the hill about 20 minutes too late and was using a torch to find my way around but there was enough blue left in the sky to shoot a near silhouette. Great views from the top of the villages in the valleys below, I look forwarding to returning soon - in daylight.

i was able to get some photographs of the historic Penshaw Monument in front of a burning sky before taking the shot of the bridge at Fatfield, Washington across the River Wear on the same night; the sky going from orange to pink on a stunning evening. The last shot in this group is from the banks of the Wear at Pallion, Sunderland outside the old ropery.

The moored boats and Queen Alexandra Bridge reflected in the tranquil river at twilight. Thanks again for taking your time to look at my website and I hope to show some sunrise pictures soon.