As June faded and turned into July our English Summer was in full swing. Days varied from still, stifling heat to cold, rainy and windy greyness for stretches at a time, with a bit of everything in between. The weather in the North East of England cannot claim to be the Med .but boring it isn't ! Before the rain storms came I was able to capture one of my favourite summer shots; carpets of poppies both in open fields and mixed with other summer flowers in front of the old windmill in Whitburn, South Tyneside. As bluebells seem an iconic view in Spring, so red poppies bouncing in a summer breeze seem to define summer to me. A few trips along the Sunderland coastline gave me the chance to play with some long exposure shots and finally Sunderland and the River Wear had a final visit from its own warship; HMS Ocean on her final visit home before decomissioning. Thanks for looking. Robin

  • Marsden Rock Mono

    A long exposure black and white conversion of Marsden Rock, South Tyneside at low tide.

  • HMS Ocean II

    HMS Ocean photographed from North Haven, Sunderland