I've mentioned before how varied the landscape is within a short driving distance of my home and these images taken over the first 2 weeks in June help to illustrate that. I have a few shots of fields full of ripening Barley near Herrington, Sunderland that epitomize early summer, and in one shot the wind was so strong it allowed a long exposure to whip the stems into an impressionistic blur.

Also there from near here (albeit last summer !) is a poppy image, the field seems to have been (sadly for me) replanted this year. Also using a long exposure I have a few images from the rocks at Seaburn. Again trying to get a shutter speed that conveys the sense of movement of the tide in a still photograph. Finally I have a series of pictures of Seaburn Lighthouse, above the sea and promenade below. The lighthouse actually was situated slightly south on Roker Pier but was moved to its new position in 1983 after standing unused for 80 years.

Thanks for looking at my site. Robin


  • Seaburn Rocks I

    A long exposure has captured the incoming tide around the rocks at Seaburn as a foamy blur

  • A lone Thistle in A Sea Of Poppies

    I actually shot this last summer at Herington, Sunderland. A solitary Scotch Thistle surrounded by a meadow full of bright, red poppies.

  • Roker Prom Steps

    The stone steps leading down to the beach becoming submerged at high tide.