March 2017 - Robin Taylor Photography

Here is a selection of some photos I've taken over the last few weeks. The first image is a black and white conversion of a 30 second image of Sunderland`s Monkwearmouth rail bridge. The long exposure has streaked the clouds and water on a very windy day. The second and third shots are again of a bridge across the River Wear, but this time from the historic to contemporary. The huge central frame of the structure now in place, dominating the skyline. The first shot from the south-west of the bridge catching a near perfect reflection on a tranquil evening, the other another long exposure from the opposite bank. The 4th photograph is from the more usual east side of the Monkwearmouth bridges again, this time the bridges and skyine reflected in a puddle after heavy rain. The final shots are from South Tyneside, a rock pool at low tide under a heavy sky, sandwiched by 2 images from Littlehaven beach, South Shields of Herd Groyne Lighthouse :- in the last photo I was lucky enough to capture the DFDS Princess Seaways leaving North Shields for the daily trip across the North Sea to Amsterdam. Thanks for looking., Robin

  • Monkwearmouth Reflections

    A night shot of the Monkwearmouth Brisges in Sunderland, reflected after heavy rain.

  • Monkwearmouth Bridge Mono

    A long exposure of the twin bridges across the River Wear at Sunderland has blurred the water and clouds on a windy day.

  • Leaving The Tyne

    The DFDS leaving the Tyne estuary for Amsterdam passing Herd Groyne lighthouse. Tynemouth Priory is in the background.