New Images - Robin Taylor Photography

A selection of my most recent photographs. Click the image to view a larger size.

  • Stormy Sunrise

    Stormy seas striking Roker Lighthouse and Pier just after dawn

  • Golden Light

    Rocks on the beach at Roker, Sunderland catching the low golden sun at sunrise

  • Dawn

    Just after first light at Roker, Sunderland

  • Herrington Park Summit

    A splash of colour at sunset behind the sculptures in Herrington Country Park

  • Windy Spire

    A long exposure of The Northern Spire Bridge at last light has caught the movement in these reeds

  • Old And New Reflections

    The Northern Spire and an old warehouse reflected in the River Wear in Sunderland

  • Sunrise

    A golden start to the day behind Roker Lighthouse, Sunderland

  • Sunrise Reflected

    A colourful sunrise reflected in the wet sand on Roker Beach