Well over the last month I've been fortunate to get out and about quite often and photographed a variety of subjects, from mini waterfalls to seascapes, beautiful reflections on still waters and even a wild bird or two. I've experienced warm, late evening sunlit evenings to overcast skies and the tail end of a hurricane. Instead of rambling on I'll post the pictures instead ! Thanks Robin


  • The Allure Of The Sea

    A long exposure black & white shot from Seaburn Promenade, Sunderland. This shot is a bit more personal than my usual pictures, As In the shot is my eldest boy Calum. He is severely autistic and loves the sea when rough like this and will just smile and never wants to leave. He never stays still usually, so it shows the power the waves hold that he's in focus here, over a 1.5 second exposure !

  • Crow

    Taken on Seaburn Beach, this crow was looking for food in the crevices and hollows in rocks at low tide.

  • The Wherry Long Exposure

    The incoming tide at The Wherry, near Whitburn, South Tyneside.